2018 Poetry Gauntlet Reading

Come celebrate a year's worth of poetry with poets:

Jennifer Beckett is a mom, wife, teacher, writer, sister, daughter, friend, and cat lover. She values making time for quiet and reflection. She keeps trying to find bits of hope in herself and others. She seeks to push herself as a person and as a writer. She longs to publish a chapbook or a lengthier collection.

Devan Watson has made Lexington their home since attending Transylvania University in the early 90s. A lover of the liminal, they live and write from an often uncomfortable intersection of queerness, mental illness, and chronic pain. As the stay-at-home parent of a teenage boy, Devan spends as much time as possible hanging out with dogs. “I curse like a sailor, laugh like a fiend, and cook too well to ever be skinny.”

Mary Allen, resident of Lexington, has may interests, including politics, puzzles, epistemology, and the study of food cultures. She reads widely in non-fiction and the mystery genre and is addicted to crosswords, KenKen and wordplay. Allen comes to poetry after careers in teaching and university administration.

Originally from Frankfort, KY, Joseph Allen Nichols currently resides in that slim and liminal space between ebon night and the luminous moon--the quicksilver, outer limit of hope, wonder, and beauty--one step from fading into the current, surrounding dark. It's there he endeavors to raise his two boys, work a state job (and a second one on the weekends), and maybe, just maybe, leave words behind as legacy.

Susan Waterbury is a paradox as a Nationally Certified ASL Interpreter for the Deaf with a BA in music. Living in two worlds has aided her sprouting writing career via connection seeking. Creating justice, joy, compassion, and peace is her daily endeavor. She is known for hiding bizarre items in homes when visiting, and trying any food labeled “new” or “limited time.” Susan lives in Richmond, KY with her family.

Candace Chaney is a Lexington-based poet and arts writer whose working class, Eastern Kentucky roots influence the themes of her work. She is also a co-founder of the Imaginarium of the Bluegrass, an artist collective which focuses on the role of the imagination in our private and public lives.

Eduardo Ballestero was born in San Carlos, Costa Rica, and raised in Kentucky. He lives and writes in Lexington. He is currently at work on a full length collection of persona poems, and is completing edits to his screenplay, “The Enchanter’s Heart,” which advanced to the second round of the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition in 2016.

Debbie Adams Cooper is a lifelong reader and lover of words. She enjoys historical research and interviewing people. In 2009, she began an extensive study of Letcher County, her natve county - its people and its beginnings. In 2011, Debbie published Letcher County: Images of America. Debbie’s passion though remains writing and studying poetry.

Event date: 
Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 6:00pm
Event address: 
319 S. Ashland Avenue
Lexington, KY 40502